Grimm's Fairy Tale Series

Item Number:RMW91591


Hd Inkjet,Wearproof,white body, Low water absorption(<0.5%), Abundant patterns + Wooden design

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Grimm's Fairy Tale Series | 600X1200MM / 200X1200MM/ 900X150MM



Take you to relive your childhood imagination,

Feel the natural changes,

Bring fairytale beauty to the lives.


Material:Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Slip resistance:R9 / R11

Water Absorption:<0.1%


Hardness:Mohs 7

Surface:Satin Matt

Size:600X1200MM / 200X1200MM/ 900X150MM





RMW12291 | 200X1200MM

 RMW91591 RMW12291 RMW12691 putiexiaoguo.jpg

RMW12291-H | 200X1200MM

 RMW91591-H RMW12291-H 2.jpg



RMW12691-A | 600X1200MM



RMW12293 | 200X1200MM

 RMW91593 RMW12293 RMW12693 putiexiaoguo.jpg



RMW12295 | 200X1200MM

 RMW91595 RMW12295 RMW12695 putiexiaoguo.jpg



RMW12294 | 200X1200MM

 RMW91594 RMW12294 RMW12694 putiexiaoguo.jpg







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