【New Award 】PHOMI Ceramics "Photoelectric Surface Material"

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PHOMI Ceramics "Photoelectric surface material" won the gold medal at the Concours Lépine International Parisin  2024


Recently, the 123rd Concours Lépine International Paris was successfully concluded at the Porte de Versailles International Exhibition Center in Paris, France. PHOMI Ceramics innovation project stands out from nearly a thousand invention innovation works, has been highly recognized by professional judges and China Invention Association, and has also won more attention and praise for PHOMI Ceramics material technology invention work in the world.


Concours Lépine International Paris was founded in 1901, held once a year, is the oldest invention exhibition in history. Together with the Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition in Germany, the Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition in the United States, and the Geneva International Invention Exhibition in Switzerland, it is called the "Global four Great Inventions Exhibition". The exhibition is large in scale and has a wide global reach, with more than 400,000 visitors each year. As a frequent visitor to the International Exhibition of innovation and invention, PHOMI Ceramics became acquainted with the Concours Lépine InternationalParis as early as 2013.

The professional jury of this year's Invention exhibition evaluates the innovation, practicality, commercial potential and design value of the declared products in a multi-dimensional way. After fierce competition, PHOMI Ceramics photoelectric surface materials stand out.


The eBIPV (ecological photovoltaic) of PHOMI Ceramics photoelectric surface material solves the sore points such as the limitation of existing photovoltaic products to the roof and monotonous design. The e display (ecological display) integrates photoelectric technology and building materials, which will bring infinite possibilities for the construction of smart cities.


As a pioneer in ecological environmental material technology, PHOMI Ceramics Holdings has always been committed to providing carbon neutral material solutions for enterprises and organizations. Its material technology invention work has won honors in the world, and has far-reaching significance for the establishment and development of carbon footprint management system for zero-carbon building materials related industries.

More details, welcome to PHOMI Ceramics show room in China Ceramic City.

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