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Foshan, known as the hometown of pottery, martial arts and Cantonese opera, is the core area of Guangfu culture and a unique Lingnan Water Village.


For the first day, we will have a city walk in Chancheng&Guicheng District, you can get a general idea of Lingnan culture.


What about start your day with Dim Sum. We suggest you go to Xiao Liyu小鲤鱼. In this restaurant, you can taste a variety of Lingnan specialty dim sum, Lao Guang dim sum and traditional dim sum at once.

Location: 001, 5/F Nova, No.29 Zumiao Road, Chancheng District 禅城区祖庙路29号NOVA岭南站5楼001铺




After breakfast, you could take a walk to LINGNAN TianDi.

LINGNAN TianDi:(Location: No.2 Zumiao Street, Chancheng District 禅城区祖庙大街2号)

Lingnan Tiandi is not only the most dense, largest and best preserved historical and cultural district in the central city of Foshan, but also has a large number of Lingnan residential style buildings in the late Qing Dynasty, including many precious historical buildings, wain-ear walls, blue brick houses, SLATE roads, carved eaves, winding streets, etc., Don’t miss it if you want to take some nice pictures.




Zumiao museum: ( Location: No.21 Zumiao Road, Chancheng District 禅城区祖庙路21号 )

After that, you can go to Zumiao museum---- the most famous scenic spot in Foshan. Zumiao, once the most prosperous area of Foshan, witnessed the changes of The Times of the city, it is the landmark of Guangfu culture. Also, it is the soul of Foshan city culture. Dont miss it.

I'm sure you've heard of IP Man and Wong Fei Hung. Wong Fei Hung Memorial Hall and IP Man Hall is in Zumiao, too. The Wong Fei Hung Memorial Hall can learn about Wong Fei Hung's life story and film culture, and the IP Man Hall displays a large number of precious documents, weapons used during his lifetime, introductions of important disciples and overseas influences.

Do you like lion dance? You can watch the performance at this time:

10:00-10:40 am

14:14-14:55 pm

15:30-16:10 pm

If it rains, the performance will be suspended.




After enjoying the visual feast, it's time to satisfy your stomach. We suggest you Qianxi Lou, LINGNAN family feast芊喜楼·岭南家宴. This is located in the Lingnan villa area, with Lingnan characteristics of private home cuisine. (Location: 31, 32 villas, No. 6 Dongrui Road, Zumiao Street, Chancheng District 禅城区祖庙街道东瑞路6号31、32座别墅)





In the afternoon, Let’s go to Foshan ceramic cultural landmark - Roaming ancient stove.

Roaming ancient stove: (Location: No.6 Gaomiao Road, Chancheng District 禅城区高庙路6号)

"Roaming ancient stove" was built in Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty, has a history of more than 500 years, is an ancient kiln group. Its kiln fire has not been extinguished from more than 500 years ago until now, and the ceramic firing has never been interrupted. Roaming ancient stove also entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

If you are interested in pottery, you can also experience clay making or drawing here.





Qiandeng Lake: (Location: Denghu West Road, Nanhai District 南海区灯湖西路)

In the evening, the Qiandeng Lake will be a great choice for strolling. It covers an area of about 1300 acres, with a lake area of about 800 acres. It is the largest artificial lake in Foshan City and an important tourist attraction in Nanhai District. There are more than ten islands of different sizes in the lake, each with a unique shape and charming scenery.


You can also enjoy the light show at 8:15pm.



After walking all day, do you feel that you have no appetite to eat? It doesn't matter. There is a vegetarian feast called Anle Chafan,vegetarian feast 安乐茶饭·素宴 ( Location: 17 / F, Building A, Zhiyue Youcheng, No.3 Qijian South Road, Guicheng, Nanhai District 南海区桂城岐健南路3号致越优城A座17楼 ) near Qiandeng Lake, and you can overlook the whole Qiandeng Lake. Enjoy the view while eating.




Day 2: Shunde

You won't want to miss Shunde when you come to Foshan.

For breakfast, Damenggong is a good choice. ( Location: Shunde District Gate Neighborhood Committee Gate Tianxin village retained land planning 11-2 1-2 floor 顺德区大门居委会大门田心村留用地规划11-2号1-2层 )



After breakfast, we suggest you to Shunfengshan Park.

Shunfengshan Park: ( Location: Shunde District Nanguo East Road and Jiulong South Road interchange 顺德区南国东路与驹荣南路交汇处 )

The construction of Shunfengshan Park highlights the theme of "romance water", fully considering the characteristics of Shunfeng shan and deep cultural and historical deposits, and is a modern tourist scenic spot integrating tourism, leisure and entertainment.




Qinghui Garden: ( Location: No.23, Qinghui Road, Daliang, Shunde District 顺德区大良清晖路23号 )

And then, go to Qinghui Garden. Qinghui Garden was built in the Ming Dynasty, covers an area of 22,000 square meters, its construction is exquisite, compact layout. It integrates the art of ancient Chinese garden, sculpture, poetry book, gray carving and so on. There are a large number of decorative and ornamental ceramics, gray sculptures, wood carvings, glass, among which brick carvings and stained glass are particularly beautiful.




For lunch, let's go to Xingtangong ( Location: 103, No. 31 Yannian Road, Daliang Jinliang Community, Shunde District 顺德区大良近良社区延年路31号103铺 ). Have you ever tried Chinese hot pot? I believe that the bottom material of the hot pot you have tried in the past is soup, and the bottom material of the hot pot in this restaurant is porridge.



Fengjian Village: ( Location: Fengjian village, Shunde District 顺德区逢简村 )

Fengjian is one of the earliest inhabited places in Shunde. This can be traced back to the excavation of Western Han cultural sites in the village, followed by the discovery of cultural relics in the Ming and far Tang dynasties. Two ancient stone Bridges in Song Dynasty witnessed thousands of years of history, which were first promoted as the ancient leader of Foshan City's Sankong Bridge and became provincial cultural relics.


Before you go, eating the Double-Layer Steamed Milk. It's a kind of Cantonese dessert, originated in Shunde. And we suggest you go to Minxin Laopu民信老铺.



If you still have time, go to Fisherman's Pier (Location: 16 Dongdi Road, Shunde District 顺德区东堤路16号 ) and watch the sunset.



Hope you enjoy the travelling.

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